Welcome to Ania Jayich's research group in the Physics Department at UCSB.

The Jayich Lab at UCSB studies quantum effects on the nanoscale. We focus on nanoscale imaging of spin and charge in condensed matter systems, with an eye on applications in quantum and classical computing as well as biology. We are also interested in hybrid quantum systems consisting of spin and phonons and photons.

Above is a series of magnetic resonance images of a computer hard drive (2.5 x 2.5 micron) that was taken using our NV-based scanning probe magnetometer. The dark contours correspond to a decrease in the NV center fluorescence that occurs when the NV spin is brought into resonance with an applied microwave field at a fixed frequency. The magnetic field produced by the hard drive introduces a Zeeman shift to the NV spin resonance, thus these dark contours represent lines of constant magnetic field. Each image corresponds to a different microwave frequency and thus a different magnetic field amplitude.

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