Spin-Photon Coupling
Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers are of great interest for quantum computation and information applications. Coupling NV spins to photons in a photonic cavity is a first step toward integrating NV centers into a scalable quantum network. We are pursuing different approaches to interface NV centers with photons using photonic crystal cavities. We are using scanning probe techniques to position high quality NVs deterministically on top of photonic crystals. We are also developing ways to produce thin films of single-crystal diamond to form diamond photonic crystals with internal NV spins.Our eventual goal is to enter the strong coupling regime and study cavity QED effects with NV centers. This is particularly interesting for the purpose of coupling NVs to photonic networks.


Deterministic coupling of delta-doped NV centers to a nanobeam photonic crystal cavity – Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 261101 (2014)