NV Center Magnetometry
We are building a novel tool based on single spins in diamond that promises magnetic sensing with nm-scale spatial resolution and sensitivity to single electron spins. Ultimately we hope to reach the sensitivity required to image single nuclear spins, a feat that could lead to nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging of biological systems. In addition to excellent sensitivity and spatial resolution, NV centers are attractive magnetometers due to their minimal back action (the sensor itself is only a single spin!), simple optical readout, and operation over a wide range of temperatures, from room temperature down to liquid helium temperatures.

Our research program has two parallel objectives. The first is developing a diamond NV-based scanning probe magnetometer (NV-SPM) and through a detailed understanding of the quantum properties of the NV and its mesoscopic environment, reaching single nuclear spin sensitivity. The second thrust is using the NV-SPM to probe quantum magnetism in two classes of materials of technological and fundamental interest: transition-metal oxide heterostructures and molecular magnets.


Scanned probe imaging of nanoscale magnetism at cryogenic temperatures with a single-spin quantum sensor – arXiv:1510.02780 (2015)
Two-dimensional nanoscale imaging of gadolinium spins via scanning probe relaxometry with a single spin in diamond – Phys. Rev. Applied 2, 054014 (2014)